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7-0-0( W-L-D )
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Record: 7-0-0
Summary: Freestyle

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Nickname: Doomsday
From: Petersburg, Virginia United States
Fights Out Of: San Antonio, Texas United States
Age: 34
Height: 6' 0" ( 182 cm )
Weight: 185 lb ( 84 kg )


TRAINING: I am full-time military also, so my day consists of a first workout from 11-1230 for strength and conditioning with Kevin Edgergtin Mon, Wed, Fri. Tues and Thurs is wrestling with Krenzke, who was on the Air Force wrestling team. Then once I am off work,  depending what day it is, between the times 5pm-645pm I go to Rios boxing to get some bag work, mitts or sparring in, or go to Rodrigo Pinhiero to work gi BJJ. From there, typically around 7pm I am heading to headquarters to work nogi from 7-8pm and then from 8pm-930ish pm I am in Advanced Muay Thai/MMA with Coach Pete Spratt.  Also, depending on what day it is, I coach fundamentals Muay Thai at the smaller location under the PSMT banner. Days change also because I have my son every other full week and he is in AAU track.
Thoughts on opponent, Edmen Shahbazyan? I haven’t heard too much on him, but we have done some review. I believe he will be a tough opponent. He is one of the newer generation kids and I feel I am going to be his toughest opponent. I have faced some tough opponents, including Roger Narvaez and Hurricane Ike Villanueva so I looking forward to the challenge and may the best man that day prevail.

When and why did you start training for fighting? I wrestled in high school before I had a serious accident senior year that took me away from wrestling and football, where I would’ve been going to college. So not growing up in best area, I made a decision to join the Air Force and at my first base I was looking for somewhere to at least wrestle some. This guy told me about a gym, so I went in and then my first coach introduced me to jiu-jitsu in 2009 and some striking. Before I deployed, he convinced me to try a fight, which I won in 57 seconds, I believe, and then I was hooked. I took one more fight, but from working and deployments I took a hiatus and only trained when I could until 2013, when I came back to the States and began consistently training again.

What titles have you held? AFP amateur title and Fury Fighting Championship Middleweight Title

Do you have any heroes? My Godparents Oliver Powell and Francis Powell, and my mother Tina Norman-Garrett

What would it mean for you to fight in the UFC? It will mean the world. I have been putting in the hours, the time and the sacrifices between work, school and being a parent. Many people have said it’s nothing more than a hobby, but here I am, ready to prove them wrong. It is the highest platform to fight on, and to have that dream come true will be an honor and I can show other military members and my family if you work hard enough you achieve your goals. Also, I told my Godfather before he passed that I will make it to the UFC, so it means the world for me.

Did you go to college and if so what degree did you earn? I am still in college at United States Sports Academy, studying to be a Strength and Conditioning coach

What was your job before you started fighting? I am still in the Military - United States Air Force

Specific accomplishments in amateur competition? Winning my first amateur title for Aragon Fight Promotions

Ranks in any martial arts styles: Blue belt under Pete Spratt in Muay Thai and white belt under Rodrigo Pinheiro in BJJ

Favorite grappling technique: Head / Arm choke

Favorite Striking technique: Superman punch
  • Pro since 2015
  • On four fight winning streak
  • Two wins by KO, one by submission (RNC)
  • One first round finish
  • Owns 2017 win over UFC vet Roger Narvaez
  • Origin of nickname: “It was given to me at an old gym when I was amateur because of my love for the character and anti-phase of Superman for a few years. (Laughs) My family still just calls me ‘Tank.’”


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